Our latest innovation

Reusable packaging solution

Our latest innovation

Great for chefs or any kitchens preparing and storing food, BonWare is our latest innovation in versatile containers. They are multi-use and reusable; extending their life beyond what you initially fill them with. BPA free and made of FDA approved polypropylene in New Zealand, the reusable containers are robust and suitable for microwave reheating.

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"Bonson is always my go-to food packaging solution due to their second-to-none product and service, product range, ability to problem solve, and continued good relations."

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Award winning packaging reflects Jimbo's superior quality

Bonson Custom

Award winning packaging reflects Jimbo's superior quality

Through our Bonson Custom division, we partner with businesses to provide customised packaging solutions that combine outstanding shelf appeal with superior functional performance. Bonson impresses Jimbo's with the unique design that helps their product stand out on the shelf, fresher and longer.

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Care for you and the environment

A complete care package

Care for you and the environment

From the selection of raw material to manufacturing and options for after-use, we create advantage for Bonson customers by offering them packaging choices. Through sustainable packaging, our goal is to satisfy our present needs whilst ensuring our future generations are given the best chance to thrive.

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