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Proudly providing packaging solutions for over 35 years

Proudly providing packaging solutions for over 35 years

A core part of our business is providing ready-to-go packaging products to a wide range of end-users via our network of authorised distributors and retailers throughout Australasia. We call this division 'Bonson Solutions'.

Whatever type of foodservice or hospitality you are in; from takeaways, cafes, restaurants to catering businesses and delis, there is a range of Bonson Solutions packaging to serve your customers well.

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Made with care by the Bonson family

Helping you go beyond the expected

Made with care by the Bonson family

Bonson Solutions feature a wide range of products that are expertly designed and manufactured by our team in New Zealand.

Housing the latest in plastic injection moulding technology, our parent company, Bonson Industrial Co. Ltd., is the manufacturing and distribution centre of high precision food-grade containers that are in high demand.

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Interested in Enviro-packaging?

We also offer alternative food packaging solutions that are made with more sustainable materials.

We are committed to continual improvement

We are committed to continual improvement

Underpinning our state-of-the-art facilities in New Zealand are integrated, independently certified Quality, Health and Safety, Food Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Bonson Industrial Co. Ltd. has continuously maintained external certifications for over 15 years.

As a family business, Bonson prides itself on its agility - responding to our customer needs and rapidly creating innovative products that help our customers package a unique advantage.

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