Food container creativity – 7 ideas for repurposing food packaging

Moving to a circular economy involves reprogramming our mindset about food packaging – containers and lids do not need to be only used once if they can be repurposed for something else. We need to get creative with how plastic takeaway containers are used after their initial purpose has been served for food. As explained in this article, all of Bonson’s food containers are recyclable however we want to get people into new habits. Remembering to repurpose them around the house and garden in multiple ways, many times over, before they are placed in the recycle bin. To give you some inspiration on ways you could use them, check out these ideas:

1. Kids play

2. Pet hydration

3. Kitchen utensils

Reuseable containers_ Reuseable containers Food container storage

4. Food in the fridge

5. Garden containers

6. Bathroom tidy

Food storage containers takeaway containers for gardening Food containers used for makeup

7. Craft containers

1. Kids play – for fun or storage

2. Pet hydration – around home or keep a spare in the car

3. Kitchen utensils – perfect to keep small things easy to find in a drawer

4. Food in the fridge – store left overs or organise your food prep

5. Garden containers – handy for plant propagation and seed storage

6. Bathroom tidy – sort your makeup, brushes and accessories

7. Craft containers – from pencils for art to sequins for sewing…super handy!

Takeaway containers used for crafts

Take a look the packaging ranges pictured above

>> Bonware™ range is specifically designed to be reused for foodservice and is durable enough to use in the freezer and multiple cycles in the dishwasher

>> Better Selection™ and Bonson TE™ are also perfect for repurposing…just in ways that are not necessarily connected to food